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Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez from Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco Spring Season “Somos”

Cynthia Sanchez from Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco Spring Season “Somos”

New Mexican-born Cynthia Sanchez resides in San Francisco where she studies and performs. She began dancing flamenco 20 years ago and has been captivated by its tradition, passion, beauty, strength, and magnitude of the centuries-old art formever since. She began her early training under Pablo Rodarte and performed in his company Dance España for 8 years. From ‘06-‘12 she studied and performed with the Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company. She also worked with Maria Benitez Estampa Española, Flamenco Legacy, Teatro Nuevo Mexico and Miel Amarga during that time.

In ‘06 Cynthia co-founded Dance España, Albuquerque where she taught and performed. She also studied under Teodoro Morca, Marisol Enciñas, and guest artists from Spain.

In spring of ’11 Cynthia lived in Andalucia, Spain to study intensley with flamenco masters Adela Campallo, Pilar Ogalla, Juana Amaya, and El Torombo. Upon her return, she relocated to the Bay Area to work with artists and companies including Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco, under the direction of Carola Zertuche. She has continued to study with guest artists from Spain including Farruquito, Alfonso Losa, Manuela Rios, and Jesus Carmona.

In 2016, she toured with Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe under the arts management of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet that incuded their debut at the Joyce Theater in New York City as well as the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Massacusets. Later, she was thrilled to perfom on La Victrola at the 2016 and 2017 Burning Man event. Most recently, she has worked onstage with Adela Campallo in the Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco Spring Season “Somos”, as well as Carmen Ledesma in “El Rincón Flamenco”.

In addition to performing, Cynthia is a first grade teacher.